Halloween Movie Marathon Ideas

Not partying or trick-or-treating for Halloween. Do a movie night instead! Here are some scary movies, perfect for a movie marathon with family or friends. I'd suggest not watching these movies by yourself! If you've seen all these, check out some Japanese horror movies which have inspired movies like The Ring, The Eye and The Grudge. The Japanese versions are wayyyyyy scarier though! Today's horror movies aren't that scary and are usually a disappointment, so go with 80's horror movies and the original version of horror movies. Some of these scary movies scared the crap out of me! Enjoy!

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Not brave enough for scary movies? Try some not so scary Halloween movies. No matter how old you are, these movies are enjoyable and reminds you of when you were young. For some comedy, try all of the Scary Movies and The Mask.

Don't forget the ice cream and pop corn! :)


Old Navy Coats Galore.

It's getting chilly outside and Old Navy has tons of cute jackets on sale. The outwear is up to 50% off. The featured "Prep Coats" are starting at $29. I'd go check them out. Old Navy's coats hold up pretty good and keep you warm. I got a black pea coat about two years ago and it's still good. Hurry up and get your coats before you get a cold! Click on the coats for the link!


My Look :)

Today I didn't feel like getting dressed because I didn't get much sleep last night, so I threw on some black leggings and a top i got from Foreman Mills, my boots, black hat and of course my favorite (and only) black cardigan. I got my boots like a year ago from Off Broadway Shoes for like $40. I love them and they're still good. :) I think leggings and Levis are my go-tos when I don't feel like dressing up!


Reebook x Hello Kitty Plush Kitty Sneakers

Hello Kitty Fan? Check out these new Japan exclusive Hello Kitty sneakers made my Reebook. These Reebook x Hello Kitty Plush Kitty sport the famous red hello kitty bow. They're about $150 USD, but they're only available in Japan. The come in pink, white and black and have very soft and plush surface. If you happen to live in Japan, they're available at Rukuten. I'm not a huge Hello Kitty fan, and I'm not a huge fan of these sneakers. They're cute, but I'd never purchase them, especially for $150.

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Do you like these Hello Kitty Sneakers?

Batoko Feather Earrings

I love these adorable earrings from Batoko. I found this jewlery shop via tumblr. They have adorable vintage braclets, earrings and necklaces. I espically love these earrings. They're only 9.50USD. Here's a look I got inspired to do w/ these earrings.

Knit Headband, Shoes, Jeans, Bag, Sweatshirt, Earrings, Ring



Eric Daman & Charlotte Russe


If you haven't heard, Eric Daman, the man behind the amazing style of Gossip Girl has created a line of dresses for Charlotte Russe. The super glamourous collection was made exclusively for CR. The Gossip Girl inspired holiday party dresses start at $34.50. These dresses are great for homecoming, winter parties or anything you need a nice dress for. I love the fitted black dress with the geometric designed shoulders and the one shoulder mini dress.

Get The Gossip Girl Party Look

Dress, Headband, Tights, Earrings, Heels, Clutch, Ring


Cute ASOS Bracelet

I found this really cute bracelet at ASOS for $13.48. It can be a great statement piece with any simple outfit! Think I might invest in it!


My Look :)

I wore this the other day. It was my first time wearing my very cute oxford flats from Target, which i got for $19.99. They're pretty comfortable. I'll probably have to get some of those socks designed for flats. I thought this menswear inspired outfit was really cute and it was comfortable. (I need a new camera... sigh)

Savingsss<3 10/22/10

Here are a few sales that I found. Some don't have specified end dates so hurry and shop!

Old Navy: Now until the 26th has tons going on! Save 15% off your purchase online only with the code ONTREAT. Sweaters are on sale for $15, women's boots for $25 and much more. They're also having doorbusters and today performance fleece is on sale for just $5. Plus take 30% off Old Navy's hot trends or 40% if you have an Old Navy, Gap or Banana Republic Card. Remember all of this is online only!

Top Shop: Top Shop is having a huge sale on women's items. Take advantage of their low prices now!

Wet Seal
: Wet Seal has jeans, sweaters, shoes and boots on sale, buy one get one for $10. Plus take an additional 30% off clearance.

: Papaya began their Green Day Sale today. Save up to 40% off selected items. Items are limited so hurry!

Charlotte Russe: Out wear is up to 50% off as well as cold weather accessories.

Aeropostale: This weekend Aero is having a clearance blowout sale with items starting at $5.99 and under.

Old Navy Item of the Week 10/22-10/28

Old Navy's newest Item of the Week are Women's cardigans and sweaters for just $10, but its in select stores only. Hurry and go grab yourself some of these cute cardigans and sweaters!

Violetta Avon Matte

My dear friend, Samantha, painted her nails this pretty purple. It's Violetta Avon Matte from for $5.00 and is on sale for $3.99 while supplies last! It's a really pretty color and gives a pretty matte finish.


Adriana Lima and the Fantasy Bra

This years lucky lady is Adriana Lima. This year on the Victoria's Secret's traditional holiday fashion show, Ms. Lima is wearing the $2 million dollar fantasy bra! It's rumored that Katy Perry and Akon will be this years guest. Don't miss this years fashion show airing on CBS in December!


Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner and a lot of people don't know what to be or how to create their look. Here are some ideas for some popular Halloween costumes.

Costume 1: Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has a very bold and girly look. She rocks bright colors whether its in her hair or in her clothing. The key to getting the Nicki Minaj look are tight bottoms and a top that shows off some cleavage. Wear some tights and a jacket with a push up bra underneath. If you're not comfortable with just that, add a tank top or v-Neck t-shirt. Be sure to add bling and bright hair color!

Bra, Heels, Leggings, Corset, Nail Polish, Ring, Lipstick, Jacket, Necklace, Wig


Costume 2: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has a fun and crazy wardrobe that not many people understand. She rocks Alexander McQueen and other odd, but beautiful pieces. If you can't find a very wild, unique and structured dress go with a body suit or bathing suit with leggings, a jacket, heels, sunglasses and legging. You can also mix in her famous hair bow piece and lighting makeup over the eye.

Scarf, Round Sunglasses, Heels, Jacket, Ring, Glitter Stick, Body Suit, Hair Bow, Belt, Lace Sunglasses, Floral Tights


Costume 3: Snooki

Get the look of everyone's favorite guidette, Snooki. To get her on the street look, fund a cute graphic dress, boots or flip flops and a trucker hat. You can of course get the signature guidette big hair with Bumpits. You can find them in a CVS or a Walmart. Oh yeah, and don't forget the shades and self tanner if you need it!

Bumpits, Sunglasses, Flip Flops, Boots, Skirt, Earrings, Top, Trucker Hat


Costume 4: Sexy Nerd

Probably not the most original idea, but a sexy nerd is easy to pull off. Channel your inner sexiness and geekiness. Wear a cute mini skirt with  a button up and suspenders. Add some cute knee socks, heels, a bow tie and some cute clear geek glasses. Mix it up and add oxford flats if you're not comfortable in heels. Put your hair a nice sleek pony or pigtails.

Bow Tie, Suspenders, Skirt, Glasses, Top, Socks, Oxford Flats, Heels


Costume 5: Pink Ladies

Go with the classic Pink Ladies look from the movie Grease. This is probably the simplest outfit (besides finding the Pink Ladies jacket). Wear a pair of cropped leggings with black heels and shades. If you can't find a Pink Ladies jacket, add a black top (plain or button up) and pink chiffon scarf instead. To get the full affect style your hair like Rizzo, Sandy or Frenchie. If you can't buy a wig!

Top, Sunglasses, Heels, Tights, Chiffon Scarf, Wig, Jacket

Some other Halloween outfits for couples might be Beyonce and Lady Gaga, Bonnie and Clyde, a guidette and guido, Kig and Queen of Heart or Jack Skellington and Sally. For threesomes, The Dream Girls or Chariles Angles. Halloween is a fun and great time  to show off your creativity, have fun and eat ridiculous amounts of candy with an excuse. Have a fun and safe night guys!


Get This Look for Less: Beyonce

Get Beyonce's effordless and comfortable style. It's simple but still glamourous at the same time. It's perfect for class, a day when you don't feel like dressing up or a last minute outfit you throw together.

Earrings, Scarf, Jeans, Necklace, Oxford Flats, Purse, Heels, Top