Spring Nails

Spring is really in the air. After this rather warm "winter" the temperatures are rising! Although I'm on a shopping fast for the month of March, my Spring wish list is pilling up! (: In the winter for some reason, painting my nails just doesn't happen, but in order to have my toes out and enjoy Spring, I have to have my nails painted! If you have been paying attention you know that COLOR is in. I'm not a huge fan of wearing colors, but Spring is really changing my mind.

These four colors are by Aldo. The color stays on pretty well if you coat it with a protector polish. Other than that it looks fab! Are you going with colorful nails this spring?


Goodbye Fall

Jacket: H&M/ Shoes: Aldo

I can't believe it's time to say goodbye to fall already! I remember when I couldn't wait. The layers, leather, boots and sweaters I will miss. Until next time my friend because I am so eager to welcome Spring! Work makes it easy because all of the fall shoes are starting to roll in, plus this warm "winter" if you want to call it that is nearly forcing me to throw on some shorts. I've been obsessed with my leather jacket lately.

I've been working super hard in the last couple of weeks to reopen my shop this summer. I've got inventory rolling in. Now it's time to tackle the Web Design... so much fun! So, what kind of things to you look for in a vintage shop?