Twiggy Lash Blast

One thing I love is Twiggy's Mod 60's lashes. The full top and separated bottoms are so chic and beautiful. It's probably rather simple to do, but knowing me I'd screw it up. I want to try without falsies first. Here I come YouTube! Did you know that they sold Twiggy falsies in the 60's? Even now after about 50 years the trend setting model Twiggy has a part in the makeup world. Admit it, she's amazing and so damn beautiful.

What do you thing of Twiggy's lashes?


Jordan Retro 13's

I'm not a sneaker freak, but I want these! They'll be the second addition to my Jordan's collection. Aren't they cute? Are you a fashionista with some sneakers in your closet?


You're My Sugar Dandy

I haven't done an outfit shoot in a while! This is about a week old because I was super busy working for the US Open Golf Championship last week. Now I'm back on the map! (: So I was dying to wear this vintage skirt I came across thrifting. It is too big but with the help of pins and the belt I got it to work! I also found the perfect top to make it look modern and chic. It was one of the few nice days that didn't happen during the heat wave that's just draining the energy out of everyone. Now I want more maxi-skirts, dresses and even an all black maxi-jump suit! (:

Top- H&M/ Skirt- Vintage/ Fedora- Charlotte Russe/ Belt- Completely Forgot/ Rings- Aldo & Thrifted/ Sunglasses- H&M


Cross Turned Chic

Photo Credit: Alex and Chloe

I couldn't help but notice the increase of trend in the cross necklace. This necklaces is from the amazing Alex and Chloe. Has the cross lost it's meaning in the world of fashion? The Christian cross is widely associated with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, but even people who don't believe are sporting this newly chic accessory. Also popular is the upside down cross which is originally know as the cross of St. Peter, but in recent years has grown to be a symbol of anti-Christ. I'm not knocking anyone's choice to wear this a fashion statement at all because even I want one. I mean they're cute plus I do believe in God, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions and religion.

Plus if you haven't already check out Alex and Chloe's other accessories and clothing! I can't wait to get a paycheck and just splurge! (:

So, what do you think of the new chic crosses?


New Shop Site! (:

Hello darlings! So, if you already know I opened a shop. Now I'm opening it again on a different hosting site! You can still pay via PayPal and it's still the same great products. Soon I'll be adding more! If you follow me on Twitter you'd also know how long I've been slaving over this shop! And am I excited? Hell yes! Click here to visit!

So what are my short term goals? In the near future I hope to add vintage men's accessories as well as custom painted sneakers. I got the idea for the sneaker from my Seven Deadly Sins Project. My class kept asking me what size the shoes were and If I were going to sell them at all, but I only made one shoe for each sin. Throughout the summer I might make the other pair but I'm so focused on vintage pieces at the moment! Plus soon I'll be doing a giveaway to promote by shop! Please visit and don't  be afraid to shoot me questions or concerns!

What do you think?


Oh, Brittnany Snow!

I love Brittany Snow's twist on this Blu Moon tribal dress. She definitely gives it edge with the leather black jacket, black heels and gorgeous black clutch. Brittany Snow is such a sweetheart, but this outfit could fool anyone.  'Tis the season for tribal prints and Ms. Snow is properly celebrating.

Loving or hating this look?


Argh, Matey!

Photo Credit:

I came across this O.P.I. Pirates of the Carribean nail collection while reading a magazine. I'm a huge fan of both nail polish and Pirates of the Caribbean (ahem, plus Johnny Depp!). The collection celebrates the release of Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, which broke the international Harry Potter box office record over the weekend. The collection comes with 6 colors including Silver Shatter than can be applied over every color.

Any favorites?