Inspiration: 'I will be a hummingbird.'

In art class my teacher showed us a video for project inspiration. We were to use the idea of the animation for one of the many projects we're working on, but the story it told caught my attention as well as inspired many ideas. The animation is based on a story by Wangrai Maathai. Wangrai Maathai is the Greenbelt Movement founder and Nobel Peace Prize Winner (2004). The Greenbelt Movement is an environmentally and non-government program aimed at planting trees, saving the environment and women's rights. This story isn't about race or gender- just human beings period. I loved the story of the humming bird and decided to share it to spread some inspiration. (:

I think that anyone can relate to the small hummingbird. Like Ms. Maathai said we all feel small and insignificant, but it only takes one person doing the best they can to change the outcome of anything. Ms. Maathai was once considered the humming bird as an African woman protesting environmentally and politically, raising a family and earning an education (B.S. Biology, M.S. Biological Science, Ph.D. Veterinary Anatomy), but she did the best she could, and beyond, and had done so much for the environment and women.

I'm glad my art teacher showed me this video. It has become one of my favorite stories. I love the way she tells it too. It's very inspirational and empowering. I hope you feel the same inspiration that I felt and you be your own humming bird.

Have an amazing day! ♥

Happy Birthday to Me

On Monday I celebrated my 19th birthday! I can't believe I'm 19 already! Unfortunatley I had classes all day Monday so I did the actual celebrating on Sunday with some Red Lobster with my mom and a cake plus the birthday tune when I got back home with the rest of my family. I pretty much enjoyed both days. I got a lovely (real) ring from my mom and a gift card I'll use to buy my real and full sized sewing machine. (Any suggestions for beginners?) I took a picture of my yummy cake and my ring!

Hope this year is amazing. I plan on doing the things I want to do, espically when it comes to fashion and beauty. Ah, I'll be 20 before I know it! Life goes by so fast.  (:

I also changed my layout. I love it, but what do you darlings think about it?



Tribal Prints

On the runway and in the new Spring 2011 store collections and lookbooks are tribal prints. Tribal prints give a cool boho look too or you can go with the edgy boho look. The tribal prints vary in value for bright and bold colors or darker earth tones. A lot of the tribal prints can be found at vintage and thrift stores. I've seen a lot of tribal print cardigans and sweaters on eBay vintage stores.

I love the boho tribal look, but I really love how it can be easily mixed into a sophisticated or edgy look. I put together three looks with tribal print inspired pieces. Swellmayde even has a DIY project to get the tribal/ethic print vest that I can't wait to try! You can look from a cool pair of print pants in a thrift store too.


Top, Bangles, Wedges, Earrings, Pants



Cardigan, Top, Jeans, Ring, Boots



Dress, Earrings, Clogs, Bangles, Bag

So, do you like, love or hate the tribal print look?


Vintage Lepoard Print & Wedges

Cardigan: TJ Maxx

Top: Vintage

Jeans: Levis

Shoes: Urban Original


Grammy's Best and Bizarre Looks

The Best

Another award show to mark on the award show season and some more opportunities for celebrities to show us what they've got. There were a lot of well dressed ladies at the Grammy's (surprisingly), but I choose the ladies who made me go, "wow!"

Jennifer Lopez                                                                     Paz Vega


Keri Hilson                                                                  Jennifer Hudson


Rihanna                                                             Florence Welch


Katy Perry


And the WTF's

I had to include these two because I was literally like WTF when I saw them. Lady Gaga arrived in a egg and donned horns on her shoulders, cheeks and forehead. The face covering hat was the least surprising thing. I usually love Gaga's style, but an egg and horns? Nicki Minaj sported a Givenchy design that should have stayed on the runway. She needs to hook herself up with Katy Perry and Rihanna for off the runway looks.

Lady Gaga


Nicki Minaj

Photo Credits: Google


What did you think of the Grammy's red carpet looks?



Spring/Summer Wish List

Denim Jacket, Maxi Skirt, Denim Vest, Spring Oxfords, High Waist Shorts, Denim Shirt, Turban Headband, Canvas Backpack

Probably just one of my wish lists for Spring and Summer 2011. The pics aren't particularly what I want, just visuals. Some stuff I already have and want more of for DIY projects (like the denim shirt and high waist denim shorts). I've been on an eBay frenzy, but after today it ends... at least until next month. I cannot wait until Spring! All this cold weather and snow is depressing. Warmer weather can change your whole attitude and wardrobe.

I have already gotten my high waist shirts, as well as made a pair of my own. Now I need black! I also have a maxi skirt from the thrift store. I suggest looking their first rather than buying one for about $20. I already have a denim shirt, but I want to make one of my own; studded perhaps? I also want an demin jacket and vest, plus extras (thrift) for some cool DIY projects. (I'm on a creative streak- can't you tell?) I have also been on the hunt for a canvas backpack. I didn't know they were as expensive as they are, but they're lovely. Valentine's Day gift to myself?

What's on your wish list for Spring and Summer 2011?


Giveaway Winner Take Two...

Well, the first winner of my giveaway failed to contact with within the 48 hour time limit, so that sadly meant that I had to choose another winner. Using again, the new winner of the Wet n' Wild makeup giveaway is...... Mishel!

Thanks everyone for entering my giveaway and please stick around for another!


Lovely Links & Photos

♥ There's always those things you absolutely need before leaving the house right? Well, did you ever think about the non-material things you need? Nish didn't and she just reminds us of 5 very important things.

♥ Feel like the only stressed out college freshmen or student? Studies show that college freshmen are more stressed out than ever before! Don't worry, you're not the only one. But why?

♥ Celebs always have look alikes, but what about other celebrities? They're not related and probably haven't even met, but the resemblance is definitely there. Check out some rather creepy celebrities who look alike!

P.S.- I Made This has some awesome DIY projects, but I can't wait to do this two toned denim top project inspired by Chloe's Spring 2010 look. I'm not too crazy about the pants, but the top is lovely!

♥ Congrats to Lori P, the winner of my Wet n' Wild makeup giveaway! Please makesure you contact me to collect your prize!

♥ I also wanted to share some of my favorite pics that I've taken with my lovely Nikon D3000. If you need or want a new DSLR camera, I highly suggest it! You can see more on my Flickr.

Happy Sunday and enjoy the Superbowl!


And The Winner Is....

Congratulations to Lori P. for winning my Wet 'n Wild makeup giveaway!!! Yay!!! Please contact me within 48 hours to begin the process of collecting your prize!

I used and entered all those who commented by 12am EST. I wasn't as strict with the emails or linking to your website because it's my first giveaway and there weren't  that many entries. I'm hoping it won't be a problem with communication. Stick around for my next giveaway and again, congratulations to Lori P.!


Vintage a.k.a Treasure

photo credit: me

Recently I've been obsessed (a little too much) with vintage. I've always loved it, but it's a bit crazy now. Usually I go to a lovely vintage shop to fill my fix, but I'm too far away from it to go while I'm at school. So I decided to give eBay a try. Of course there are always concerns about eBay and getting ripped off which actually made me hold back for a while. A couple of weeks ago, I bit the bullet and bought a vintage menswear Lactose cardigan for about $15 (w/ shipping). I was really happy with my purchase and went back!

I was really impressed with the vintage shops on eBay so I decided to share them with you! These stores have some pretty decent starting prices. These are stores that I've actually bought from or bid from.

The Family Vintage

Twitch Vintage

The Kissing Tree Vintage Apparel

Vantage Point Vintage



There's always hesitation about buying vintage online because it's used and you can't see the quality first hand and you're concerned about the fit! A really good seller will tell you all the imperfections and take nice clear pictures that are well lit. They will also tell you the size and how it fits according to them. Of course the best ones are those with models with the clothing on and the models size. I always find it helpful. Also remember that even some vintage clothing bought from a store needs to be altered. I say, take a chance if you dare! I never pay more than $20 on an item. I'm eager to see the other things I've purchased too.

Sometimes I think that vintage is the best place to go for old trends that are reoccurring. Maxi skirts for example. Vintage stores have millions that were thrown their way when they went out of style, and now as a Spring/Summer 2011 trend, you can find them easily for cheaper. Oversized sweater and unique blouses can also be found. Plus going shopping for vintage clothing is way more fun. You find things that no one else has and items for easy DIY projects with items or clothes!

Seeing all these eBay stores inspires me to want to open a retail store even more. Yes, that is one life goal I have. Vintage or new clothing you ask? I'm not too sure just yet. (:

PS: If you haven't yet entered my giveaway, click here to do so! Ends tonight at 12:00am! No exceptions so get to it! (:

Do you like vintage? And where's your favorite place to shop for vintage?


Let's Play Dress Up

I was surprised I put together a decent outfit saying as how I didn't even want to get out of bed. In my Fundamentals of Design class we had to do a color study homework: Amazon Jungle, Gloomy Day and Desert Sand. She asked which was more of me when it comes to dressing up and I said Gloomy Day, then she made me stand up in front of the class. It was a tad bit embarrassing, but I'm glad I at least looked nice. I'm also really starting to like wearing dresses. They just have a way of making you feel cute.

Dress: F21

Sweater: PacSun

Tights: H&M

Belt: Vintage

I also went to this lovely shop I spotted with my roommate out in Towson called Bead Wear. It's ran by jewelry designer Patti Hall Lasover. It was a bit pricey, but I loved almost everything there! I ended up buying two headbands with some peer pressure from my roommate and spent way too much on one of them; I don't even want to tell you the price, but I couldn't let it go. I asked if she had an online store so I could share it with you loves, but she said she was still in the process. One was a lovely purple flower (the expensive one) and the other was a black feather. In the picture it blends in with my hair a bit, but I love how crazy it is. I told her I'd be back with more money and my camera. (:


Remember to enter my Wet n' Wild makeup giveaway and please leave your name, email if you don't have a linkable name so I can reach you in case you win and your favorite makeup line(s)! It ends this Friday (Feb 4)!