The Goddess Rihanna

Love this dress that Rihanna wore to the primer of Battleship and she changed her hair again. Gotta love this woman. 



Finally decided to stop bs-ing and invest in some MAC cosmetics. The two lip color are Girl About Town (pink) and Ruby Woo (red). The two liners are Magenta and Cherry. I tried 'em on and they looked great. Red is matte which is exactly what I wanted. Next is some high pigmented shadows; suggestions? I got some yummy new things thrifting too! Are you a MAC fan?


Bright Lips

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It's been a while since I've blogged. Thank finals for that! Anywho, I'm loving the bright colors for the season! It's a hard transition from my neutral color ways, but I think I'm doing good. My love for makeup is growing and I'm loving the bright lips for the season; it adds a great to a plain outfit when you're feeling lazy. I highly suggest using matte and a liner to fill your lips before you apply the lipstick. It lasts way longer. Fan of the bright lips?