The Stylebook App

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While I was watching Tyra they were talking about this application called Stylebook for iPhones. I want it, but sadly it isn't supported by Android phones :( It allows you to take pictures (camera phone or digital camera) or download them from the internet of clothing and put outfits together as well as plan a fashion calendar and collect inspirational pictures. It's basically and mobile closet to keep track of all your clothes. For I downloaded ANDress 2 so I'll see how that works! It would deff help me keep track of most of my clothes. Does anyone use Style book?

Android phone alternatives: ANDressMy Closet, Le Chic Closet, Mobile Closet

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My "7 Deadly Sins" Project

For several weeks I have been slaving over my 7 Deadly Sins art project. It was an open project and I ambitiously chose to design 7 different pairs of shoes to represent the 7 Deadly Sins. Am I happy with the outcome? Extremley. I'm super proud of it actually and thankful it's over. It's deff going to be a piece in my portfolio review on Monday (wish me luck!). I designed them all by hand. The original shoes is a Mossimo shoe from Target stores. I want to buy another pair and make my own shoe. I may even make the left pair and sell them because so many people wanted to wear them in my class! They loveddd it! Can you guess which shoes is which sin?

What do you think? Can you guess each sin?

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Blogger Feature: Meet Kathleen! (:

Hey lovlies. Meet Kathleen and her cute glammed up style! Plus she's got an awesome DIY braclet project on her blog! (:

♥ Name: Kathleen

♥ Age:

♥ Location: Canada

♥ Website:

♥ What do you blog about?
I blog about everything fashion and also feature my personal style through outfits. I LOVE jewelry & find A LOT of accessories are also featured on my blog. Music, art & culture are my inspirations so they are definitely included as well.

♥ What inspired you to start blogging?
My love and passion for fashion! I just had to much I wanted to share and a fashion blog was a great creative outlet to do so.

♥ Favorite part about blogging?
Besides sharing my personal style & fashion discoveries with everyone, I like being inspired by others' style.

♥ Describe your style in four words.
edgy, classic, comfortable, chic

♥ Favorite thing in your closet?
my cross necklace I made

♥ Must have item of the moment?
This is a tough one since there are so many...

♥  Your favorite blog to read?
Again, so many!

♥ Favorite place to shop?
Topshop or vintage shops

♥ Other hobbies?
I'm also into health & fitness, love music/concerts & traveling for sure!

Check out Kathleen's super cute blog!

How'd you like my first feature? I'm doing on each week! Email me if you want to be featured on (:



Sperry Topsiders

Since I saw a pair of Sperry's last year I wanted them. They go with my color palette (neutral colors) and they're so comfy. I think I got them because; a) they were cute and b) i needed a comfy and cute pair of shoes to wear at work (Old Navy). I wore them through the winter occasionally too. I think they're perfect for Spring especially since water doesn't easily soak through them and get your feet wet. I won't say they're waterproof, but they're boat shoes. They also give a preppy look to an outfit and can go perfect with a pair of carpi's or cropped pants. I have  a pair in chocolate brown too and I love them. I also love a guy in a pair of Sperry's: so cute! What do you think of Sperry's?

Also, I'm going to start featuring fashionistas once a week! I'm excited about that so just contact me to get the questions! (:




I Was Wondering Maybe...

I love Thursdays because it means my weekend begins. No classes on Friday's is the best. I loved this outfit; I felt so cool and it was super comfy. The weather is such a tease. It was really nice and warm that day, but cold today. Ugh, the sun needs to come out and stay out! Like or dislike the outfit?

cardigan- vintage/shorts- diy vintage/tights- h&m/boots- ninewest/belt- vintage/backpack- uo


Shopless Month Challange

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I admit, I have been shopping a tad bit recently as I prepare for the Spring and Summer that feel a million years away. Some times I am an emotional shopper and other times I just see stuff I have to have. My closets (yes closets for school and home) are pilling up with clothes! So, I'm going to personally challenge myself to not shop for anything other than food and school related things. Do you need to do a shopless month challange too?




Peacock Feather Wedding Dress

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I came across this dress while doing research for my art homework. The dress was work in 2009 in China. It's made of peacock feathers and Hetian jades. It cost 1.4 million USD and it took 8 people two months to finish. I'd love the see it up close and personal! What do you think?



Stylegeek Giveaway Win (:

This is long overdue, but recently I won these two lovely shirts from Stylegeek! I was super excited and love them! I didn't have my black jeans availiable to style them as I had commented on the giveaway post, so I just styled them both with a lovely skirt and it worked perfectly for both! Thanks Stylegeek and please, go check them out! (:

Thanks! :D


Backpack, Backpack!

Excuse my lack of posting. I went through a week of spring break, a week of being sick and the following week catching up on all my school work. Busy bee, I know. Anywho, would it be okay to own all of these backpacks? My books like to be carried in style too.