No Happy Ever After

Blazer: Vintage Ralph Lauren/ Shoes: Aldo "Forwood"

I love my job because we get to dress up and express ourselves via fashion. Plus I love being around an endless amount of shoes! (I have too many.) These shoes in particular I love because they're leopard print and they're wedges! Do you like wedges?


Fashion Diaries: Zoe Saldana

Photo Credit: Google

It's not hard to find a well dressed celebrity. One of them is Zoe Saldana. You many know her from Columbina, Star Trek and Avatar just to name a few of her Blockbuster hits. As well as grace the silver screen, this girl can grace a red carpet with stunning looks. This bombshell is an upcoming, if not already, fashion icon who just keeps amazing me. What are your thoughts on Ms. Saldana?


Spring Inspiration

Photo Credit: WeHeartIt

I am so ready for Spring! I want to wear shorts and not be so bundled up. Anyone else?