Forever In Our Memories

I hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day weekend! I sure did! This weekend I went to New Jersey and ate wayyy too much! I left both my laptop and my camera home so excuse photos. I also tried to upload this post with my phone but it was a frustrating fail. The weather was hot and I cannot wait to go to the pool! Over the holiday weekend people busted out their rompers, flip flops and sunglasses for BBQ's. I saw someone with a floppy hat and I can't wait to get one in my closet! I also can't wait to go shopping for more vintage accessories for my shop. Have you checked it out yet? Wish me luck on my interviews for the U.S Open Golf Tournament and Aldo tomorrow.


What did you wear for Memorial Day?


A Peek At My Shop


If you didn't already know I've been talking about opening an online shop for quite some time and recently I did just that! My shop itsJayMarie is on and includes vintage and thrifted accessories. My inventory includes only eight items at this time, but I'm planning to expand it with more jewelry, purses, hats, belts and more!  And of course a giveaway will be coming very soon to promote my shop. (So stay tuned!) Feel free to visit and purchase something. The prices are pretty great and feedback is very welcomed.

Click here to visit! (:

What do you think of my shop?


Denim Alert: Would You Wear It?

I think this $40 Dollhouse Denim Dress is adorable. Pair with some heels and a fedora it'd be perfect for a cool and comfy day.

Would you wear it?



Hello loves! So finally my portfolio website is up and running! I just want to pat myself on the back. My portfolio isn't the best, but it's developing fruitfully. It'll probably have more by the end of the summer as I book jobs and work with different business. People always ask me what exactly I want to do and I'll tell you. I want to work in the magazine industry, but preferably fashion. I want to mix my love of art and creativity with fashion and what better way to do that with what I know best? I would love to work in the art department of a magazine and layout pages and even ads for companies and designers. Please feel free to check it out!


A Jean Yu Styled 180

I saw some of Jean Yu's designs in Glamour Magazine and I fell in love with them. Her designs are subtly sexy with strong shapes and bold colors. that's odd coming from a lingerie designer, but she pulls it off just right. Her line, Jean Yu 180, is one of high end essential travel pieces. The prices are rather high, but sometimes it's just worth it. This just reminds me of how much I wish i could try these luxurious undies.

Top - Bottoms

What do you think of these precious underoo?



On & On.


Please excuse this photo and all of the yellow. My dad took my camera on vacation with him and I didn't get to take this pic until 10pm. I don't know if I should hug him or my camera first. I do miss both though! Since summer has begun my plan was to be working this week, but apparently Old Navy now uses the assessment for hiring and i failed. -__- I don't understand since I worked there before, but Mama needs a paycheck ASAP. Shopping and summer vacations are what I need.

Hat- Charlotte Russe/ Top- H&M/ Shorts- DIY Vingate/ Shoes- Target/ Necklace- H&M


ciao, xoxo


Blogger Feature: Meet Kaylin (:

♥ Name: Kaylin

♥ Age: 22

♥ Location: United States

♥ Website:

♥ What do you blog about?
I blog about my personal style, fashion, beauty, shopping...anything related to fashion.

♥ What inspired you to start blogging?
I've always loved fashion and was inspired by other fashion bloggers to start my own blog. My style is evolving and I love keeping track of the progression on my blog.

♥ Favorite part about blogging? Blogging itself, I love sharing what I love. It's also really cool to see other people follow my blog, it makes me feel special that others enjoy the same things I do.

♥ Describe your style in four words.
At the moment it's...girly, casual, chic,classic

♥ Favorite thing in your closet?
All of my dresses! I'm so obsessed with dresses. I feel the absolute best whenever I'm in a dress.

♥ Must have item of the moment? Sand Tropez by Essie. I'm obsessed with this nail color, it's the best neutral color.

♥ Your favorite blog to read?
I love, love, love

♥ Favorite place to shop?
I love H&M and Forever 21.I also like thrift stores and consignment shops.

♥ Other hobbies?
Blogging is definitely my main hobby, but I love shopping. I'm a shopaholic:) I also like reading.

Visit this shopaholics lovely blog!

Excuse my lack of posting. School is finally over and the first few days of my summer have actually been crazy, but I have so much planned! Enjoy the feature and email me at if you want to be featured! (:

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That Dress

While looking for a fabulous dress for my summer family reunion I came across these beautiful dresses. I have orange pumps that I wanted to wear but of course I'm willing to change that! I really want a different dress. I know after prom season I can get some good prices. All these dresses are from ASOS.

I've also been working on my portfolio website and my online vintage shop. Yes, I'm opening it! It's going to be on (: I hope I get more inventory soon and just see how it goes from there. Are you as excited as I am?

ciao, xoxo


Blogger Feature: Meet Antoinette!



♥ Name: Antoinette Karma

♥ Website: and

♥ What do you blog about?
My blog is a selection of my favorite trends, designers, brands, fashion updates and fashion shows. I showcase what catches my eye.

♥ What inspired you to start blogging?
I was inspired to blog when I saw the community of fashion bloggers. I knew blogging would be a good platform for building my brand and sharing my fashion interests.

♥ Favorite part about blogging?
The best part about blogging is reaching people with my favorite trends and my own designs with HouseofAntoinette1950 as well.

♥ Describe your style in four words.
Polished, Artisan-chic, Quirky and Practical

♥ Favorite thing in your closet?
My black Miss Sixty leather jacket

♥ Must have item of the moment?
Bright flowing summer dresses

♥ Your favorite blog to read?
Huffington Post. It has everything all the time.

♥ Favorite place to shop?
I love department stores and vintage shops.

Check out this beautiful HouseofAntoinette 1950 designer's blog

Want to be the feature of the week? Email me at

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Rolling in the Deep

Excuse my lack of posting. My semester is finally over and my first few days of summer have acually been very eventful. It's all behind me now and I have so much planned for this summer; my online vintage shop, working on my portfolio and working period. Dosen't seem like a lot, but it is! The past few days have been beautiful too. The weather is just perfect! Anyways I loved this outfit. it was super comfy and weather permitted. I am falling in love with the straw hat too. Adorable.

Denim Shirt- H&M/ Dress- F21/ Shoes- Target/ Hat- Charlotte Russe

ciao, xox


Blogger Feature: Meet Tiffany! (:

♥ Name: Tiffany Anthonia

♥ Age: 20

♥ Location: the Netherlands

♥ Website:

♥ What do you blog about?
I blog about my fashion likes, my hauls, beauty and just everything a girly girl adores.

♥ What inspired you to start blogging?
Fashion has always been important to me in some way. Even though I didn't move to the Netherlands to study fashion, I still wanted to do something with it. But it was this one day when I shopped waaaay to much, that I decided to share my fashion knowledge and interest to the world. Among my friends I was always the fashion freak, and I wanted to inspire others with my personal style.

Favorite part about blogging?
I love knowing that people enjoy what I blog about. It's just an awesome feeling when you see all these comments you still need to approve, or all these new followers. I blog because it's something I love to do, but it is my readers and followers that make it extra special! I also like that the blogging community has become so big and that everyone is supporting each other. I wish there was a possibility that one day all bloggers would come together and just socialize even more!

Describe your style in four words.
Chic-Edgy-Girly-Street. It all just depends on my mood and the occasion, really!

Favorite thing in your closet?
That would be my heels.. all of them! I just love shoes and I seriously agree with the quote “a girl can never have too many shoes”! And I am obsessed with rings, two-finger-rings to be exact!

Must have item of the moment?
These aren't items I own, yet!..But I'm dying to find the perfect jumpsuit and perfect leopard wedges!

Your favorite blog to read?
Definitely She is my all time favorite fashionista! Reasons? She's petite [just like me], she's goooorgeous and her closet is just too die for! Not once did I not like her outfit posts!

Favorite place to shop?
< My favorite stores would be H&M, New Look and Forever21. But I also love shopping at those not-so-famous webshops. I am always lucky enough to find items that are so fashionable yet very unique! Another favorite place to shop? Anywhere that has a good sale! Haha =]

Other hobbies?
I think my hobbies go hand in hand.. Because other than blogging I love shopping [read: I'm a shopaholic], love taking pictures.

Check out Tiffany's adorable blog with  plenty of things to fulfill those shopaholic tendencies!

Feature is slightly late due to finals wee, but here it is! Want to be featured? E-mail me at (:

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