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Bonjour Dolls! A while back I saw a post on Fashion Ice for a DIY neon necklace. Now that time fell on my lap, I finally did it! These are my results, and I love it! I got an extra clearance necklace (while it was buy one get one free) from Aldo that was all black. It's perfect for Spring and to put a little extra use in all those nail polishes! Use an old necklace and spice it up! 

Check out Fashion Ice's awesome blog and the post for more details!


Round Thang

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Hey Dolls! A trend I want to to try is a round nail. I love the square tips because it's a classic and clean look, but why not try something new?? I was in Florida on vacation and the guy at the nail salon was rude because he had a lot of customers and tried to basically rush me out so I didn't get to try :(

Anyways... I've been working like crazy on RagDoll, getting products and such and I'm uber excited. It will be THE place to go for trendy accessories! I'm proud to announce we will have a launch giveaway soon too! Who doesn't love a giveaway?