Yes, Versace for H&M!

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You probably already know that Novermber 19, 2011 will be an epic day. Versace for H&M will be released. Can you say mega lines?? When I heard about it, I was super excited. Last year, Lanvin for H&M kicked off. The designs were gorgeous, but it never hit the H&M near me, and I didn't go search. Now, I'm actually anticipating and hunting for Versace in local H&M's. Why? Not because I'm not a Lanvin fan, but possibly the mystery. Only one photo has been leaked so it makes me wonder... 'What will these pieces look like?' and of course "How much??" But, who says I can't spend a little on myself after all of my hard work? Shall we mark our calendars together?


Someone Like You

Top- Old Navy/ Belt- Vintage/ Jeans- IDK/ Shoes- Aldo/ Necklace- Forever21/ Headband- Boutique

Ollo! (I've been watching Megamind too much). First, excuse my messy room. I swear it's been cleaned since these pics have been taken. So I took these pics one day when I thought I had to work, went in and I didn't. Bummer, because I looked cute! This week I've been super busy working. I really need to do more outfit post though. Anyhow, I'm so excited for fall. Anyone else?

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Beauty La La

Wet n' Wild Liquid Eyeliner/ Design Essentials/ Wet n' Wild Lipstick/ Blistex Medex/ Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro/ Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea/ CoverGirl Last Blast

We all have our favorite and must have beauty products. Sometimes we even think we have the best until we come across something even better. I'm not huge on changing my products every time I run out. If I love it, I keep using it until I reluctantly try something new. Here are my current must have and favorite beauty products. Most of them are available in the drug stores which I love. It's so easy to go to the 24hr CVS anytime for a makeup haul! Beauty products are necessities that work to make us feel confident and pull off a look!

What are your favorite beauty products?


Infect Me With Your Lovin'

Top- Vintage/ Bag- Old Navy/ Hat- Charlotte Russe

I've been meaning to post this outfit pic since I wore it, but you know how life goes! It's from a little earlier in the summer when it was light out way longer and I was rocking a short do. I liked mixing up the colors with my teal purse I got about a year or two ago from Old Navy.

As much as I love summer, I can't wait until fall. I just get excited seeing all the fall collections already set up in stores! I really need to get an infinity scarf this year and a cargo jacket for the fall/winter. I was deff slacking and just lusting last year!

Are you ready for fall?


Fall Socks!

As much as I love summer, I am so excited for fall! One thing I can't wait to wear are cute socks. I really want to layer them with boots and dress up some loafers in a fun way. And I'm all about interesting dresses/skirts with tights. It's just an adorable look. I picked up these socks from Aldo for $2.98! They're from last season, but a lot of the patterns are being carried over into Fall 2011.

How are you wearing socks this season?