Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010

Did anyone miss the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last night? I really hope not! The show was simply amazing. The show opened up with Katy Perry performing her song 'Firework' before we got to know the Angels. Although I miss the old Angels (Hedi Klum, Tyra Banks and Gisele Bundchen), my eyes were still glued to the screen watching the show. The shoes were to die for and I just wanted to go to Victoria's Secret and buy stuff! The show portrayed the elements and styles of Victoria's Secret PINK line; it was cute, pretty colorful, playful and sexy. The 'classic' Victoria's Secret look was also portrayed as well. I loved Alessandra Ambrosio's brown leather knee high boots she wore with her cutout bathing suit and black and white wings.

As I watched I couldn't  help but think of a question my Sociology teacher asked after another students presentation on the objectification of women. She played a YouTube video of ads where women were basically sexy symbols. (Tom Ford had a lot of those ads with naked women for menswear.) Someone asked, "Well doesn't Victoria's Secret do the same thing?" Watching the show, the answer was definitely a no. Victoria's Secret models are beautiful women who show that lingerie is fun, cute and makes you feel sexy. These are women glorifying the female body in an appropriate and respectful manner. Watching the show and the behind the scenes reminded me that even though they are Victoria's Secret models, they are just like every other woman; they get nervous, excited, they cry, they admire other models and they know how to have fun!

Last, but not least, Adriana Lima looked amazing in the 2 million dollar bra! Didn't she just have a baby?! How many of you are heading to Victoria's Secret? Haha.

Photos via Getty Images w/ OnSugar

What are your thoughts on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show?


  1. I missed it :-(!! Love your commentary on the show and the images are amazing!!

  2. Thanks! Aw! I think there is a re-run next Wed, so look out for it!

  3. i miss the old angels too! but the girls still did an amazing job. katy perry's really terrible live but she has the perfect look to v.s, match made in heaven! xx

  4. The new angles did do an amazing job. I thought Katy Perry was ok, but it could have been a voice over and yes, her colorful girly look does match up with V.S.!

  5. son super buenos los desfiles, the runway son espectaculares inolvidable, me encantaria llegar a tener una pasarela asi que sobre salga de todas las otras y me encantaria ser el entrenador de pasarela de las chicas enseƱarles a caminar en la pasarela, no es que no sepan caminar, si no que me gustaria estar en el momento de la eleccion de las chicas para la pasarela
    son lo mejor de lo mejor
    vi el desfile que fue hoy y llore al final es demasiado bueno e inolvidable
    good bye, bye bye. thank you por el desfile inpactante