Blogger Feature: Meet Cassie (:

♥ Name: Cassie Walters
Age: 17
Location: Syracuse, NY
♥ Website:

♥ What do you blog about?
I am all things fashion. On my blog, I do critiques, "who wore it better," classy items, mini articles, etc. I like to focus on the affordable and the classy. There are very few who can afford designer merchandise, and those who can usually don't need to read someone else's opinion on how they should wear it. So I like to bring down the price tags and show girls (and guys!) how to look designer without breaking the bank.

♥ What inspired you to start blogging?
People. The people are what keep me doing everything. For good and bad reasons. Reading Classy by Derek Blasberg really helped me focus on bettering myself and wanting to help others. Blogging is my way to get out to the people what they may overlook themselves and to help inspire class.

♥ Favorite part about blogging?
My favorite part about blogging is getting to say how I really feel. I'm not a real "tell it like it is" person. Not because I'm afraid of what people will say, but more because I feel like it's more socially appropriate. I'm not going to go up and tell someone I don't like them, because that's just not appropriate. But with blogging, I love being able to critique clothing without feeling like I'm in an improper setting for doing so.

♥ If you could have lunch with one designer, who?
So many! However a favorite of mine is Christian Louboutin. I love his designs because they're so original. When I see a shoe, I can tell if it's a Louboutin. Also, they are all so my style!

♥ What does fashion mean to you?
I answered this question not long ago on IFB and I had said "I've played in band all my life and all my friends say "I express myself through music!" I thought that that was the way I had to feel too. However, I got to thinking that in music, you're playing the notes on the page. You're playing the composers interpretation, not your own. How could anyone express themselves through that? To find expression through music, I tried various mediums. I tried jazz, but even in improvisation, you have to stay within a chord structure. I tried writing my own, but in music theory there are so many rules that prevent one from doing what they wish. I eventually found that my main means of expressing myself was through fashion, and I became known for doing so. If there's not a certain item you want, you can make it. Fashion is endless and limitless. Fashion lets me show who I am."

♥ Favorite thing in your closet?
My heels! I own 27 pairs of stilettos and 2 pairs of wedges. I love wearing simple, neutral outfits with the most wild, and tall heels I can find! Hence why I love Louboutin. I'm working to get a least a 5" pair of stilettos and in every animal print (faux of course).

♥ Your favorite blog to read?
Yours ;) But aside from blogs, I could browse for hours.

♥ Favorite place to shop?
I love shopping at Forever 21 and H&M. My style is very edgy and modern. Rarely, I'll find a thrift jem, but those 2 stores are always reliable and affordable.

♥ Other hobbies?
Like I said in the other question, I'm in band! I play saxophone in the jazz band, select band, woodwind ensemble, pit orchestra, concert band, symphonic band, and I have played it in the marching band and parade band. I'm now the drum major (conductor) for both. I also used to play guitar for the winter drumline, and flute for the pit orchestra. Aside from my nerdy-ness, I hang out with the other type of band; rock bands. My boyfriend of over 2 years, Josh Burke, is the new lead guitarist for the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, so I've been supporting him, and hopefully soon I'll be going on tour with them.

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