To the Beat Of My Heart

Aldo Shoes: 'Caram'

You're current thought process is most likely Jeffery Campbell... OMG. Well no. Think Aldo. Now  you're probably thinking: Trader! Well sort of. As much as I love Mr. Campbell's shoes [and WILL get them], I had to get them for work, because well I can wear them to work. I really have to say, they don't dissapoint. I LOVE them and after wearing them from 12-6 I did not want to take them off. Now any heels after 8hrs is kind of ready to come off, but I'm just so in love. I've gotten compliments and have gotten them confused with Jeffery Campbell's which is fine except I have to sell Aldo. I love the chunky platform and the discount I got on them ;) Like?


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