New Shop Site! (:

Hello darlings! So, if you already know I opened a shop. Now I'm opening it again on a different hosting site! You can still pay via PayPal and it's still the same great products. Soon I'll be adding more! If you follow me on Twitter you'd also know how long I've been slaving over this shop! And am I excited? Hell yes! Click here to visit!

So what are my short term goals? In the near future I hope to add vintage men's accessories as well as custom painted sneakers. I got the idea for the sneaker from my Seven Deadly Sins Project. My class kept asking me what size the shoes were and If I were going to sell them at all, but I only made one shoe for each sin. Throughout the summer I might make the other pair but I'm so focused on vintage pieces at the moment! Plus soon I'll be doing a giveaway to promote by shop! Please visit and don't  be afraid to shoot me questions or concerns!

What do you think?

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