Argh, Matey!

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I came across this O.P.I. Pirates of the Carribean nail collection while reading a magazine. I'm a huge fan of both nail polish and Pirates of the Caribbean (ahem, plus Johnny Depp!). The collection celebrates the release of Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, which broke the international Harry Potter box office record over the weekend. The collection comes with 6 colors including Silver Shatter than can be applied over every color.

Any favorites?


  1. Love the shades - but not a fan of the shatter style yet...

  2. I'm lovin these shades to and I have yet to get my hands on the shatter paint. I'm in need of a nice beauty haul!

  3. I love these, but my favorites are #7 Mermaid's Tears, #9- Planks A Lot, and #10 Sparrow Me the Drama. Did I mention I love the names!! Too cute.
    Fashion Obsessed

  4. I really like all of the colors in this collection, especially mermaid tears. I have the black shatter and I really want the silver one.

  5. I agree, Mermaid's Tears is so pretty and the names are just great!