Sephora Virgin

Fact is, I am a Sephora virgin. I've been in a couple of times, but walked out overwhelmed by all the make up. Today I stepped in by accident and bought some stuff. (Sorry bank account!) I got some colored eyeliners, just like I needed, a brow and eyelash brush and a small eyeshadow brush. All of them are apart of the Sephora Collection which are awesome prices compared to the other high end makeup lines they carry. I was interested in some MAC, but I'd probably lose it or someone would steal it, so pass! Can't wait to try out my new stuff! Are you a Sephora fan?


  1. I love Sephora for things I can't really find anywhere else. Urban Decay's eyelid primer is seriously the greatest thing ever invented! I am willing to spend the money on that. But for eyeshadows and eyeliners, unless it's a color unique to a brand, I'll just buy it from Walmart/Target.

    I love to just walk through Sephora for ideas most of the time.


  2. I like looking through Sephora and other make-up stores, but I'm too lazy to deal with makeup everyday, really something I want to change though.

  3. I love Sephora because of the large selection of products they have. It's my 2nd place stop after Ulta though. I love hte makeup artists at Sephora too. They seem to have more 'freedom' than MAC artists since every MAC store or station I go to, they like to throw couture looks all over my face. Not practical. I've gotten excellent brush and makeup advice from Sephora artists too. They're more truthful about products compared to MAC ones. I don't know if that's a national thing though. I jut know that's how it is here in Houston. lol

  4. I used to be a person who didn't mess w/ makeup a whole lot, but after the same natural looking eyeshadow I wanted to change it up, which took me to Sephora. The prices are awesome too compared to other products like EddyK said. Thanks for the responses guys! (:

  5. Only if we had a Sephora here. I am currently saving up cause I will be visiting DC over christmas so I might just go to Sephora for the first time!<3<3<3

  6. Congrats! Pre-welcome! I live about 30 mins away from DC. If you can, hit up Annapolis Mall.. TONS of stores!

  7. Love your post title and I absolutely LOVE Sephora. You can really find some truly amazing items.

    PS. Thx for your comment on my blog doll and I would love to follow each other if you like. Hope to hear from you soon.

    <3 Marina