New Lovely Body Central Earrings<3

Hello loves!<3

I recently got these new beautiful oversized threaded earrings from Body Central. They were on sale for $3.80. I love the design, stitching and the color. (I wear a lot of brown, lol!)I don't know if someone made these by hand, but they look like it. They're kind of big, but I still love them! Body Central had earrings like these in all kinds of colors. I think I might go back for black! I got a cute gold knoted necklace too, but I'll show you guys that later. :)




  1. Love these! I have several pairs of threaded earrings in different colors from places like Forever21 and little boutiques in the mall.

  2. aww those earrings are so pretty. i wear a nose ring and so i havent worn dangly earrings in ages cause i feel like they clash.... but i miss being able to wear earrings like this! xx

  3. Thanks! I wand smaller ones too. I'll check out Forever21.

    I visited your blog sianlb and I think you'd look great with a pair of dangly silver earrings with your nose ring!