Rihanna's New Firey Locks: Yay or Nay?

We all know everybodies favorite It girl Rihanna dyed her hair red, but she added some length! Yay or nay look for miss Rihanna? For someone who inspired half the famale population to chop their hair off, she's brave to add some tracks, but I love her red hair. It looks stunning against her skin tone; although, I perfer it up or cut though!

With short hair, she looks more edgy and older. The longer hair gives her a very soft and feminie look. When she began to sport the red hair it was a very pretty, sweet and femine look, like the do she sported at the 2010 VMA's. The long hair does give some edge, but the short red hair did it better. I think that her hair styles are much more daring and experimental than when she first came out when she just had long, brunette hair.

So i say yay! :)

(Rihanna Visits MTV's "The Seven" - November 15, 2010)


(Miu Miu - Front Row Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011)


What do you think?


  1. I personally love the longer look on Rihanna reminds me of when she first was a break through artist.

  2. Yeah. It's definitely edgier which represents her current image.