Victoria's Secret- Secret Moments Collection

Went shopping and picked up this lovely Victoria's Secret scent from the Secret Moments collection. I got Island Escape Daily Moisture Body Lotion, Sheer Fragrance Mist and Daily Body Wash. It smells wonderful. I liked Kissing in Paris and Wild at Heart too. They have a special on most of their fragrances and  this one was one for regular price or 3 for $15. The lotion cost $10 and the mist and body wash cost $12 each. They also had Smoothing Body Scrub and Nourishing Body Cream. I got a cute clear PINK water bottle too! :)


  1. Love the packaging because it's very unlike VS! This makes me want to be on a beach!

  2. The packaging makes me want that so bad. Idc what it smells like!