Oh, Jeffery!

An angel should drop these shoes in my closet. I am becoming obsessed with Jeffery Campbell shoes and vow to get a pair before the spring and summer of 2011 are over.




Any favorites?


  1. I am loving his new lookbook. I really want a pair of his shoes. I just don't know what to get though.

  2. Me neither, but I deff want a versatile pair I can wear all the time! The cut out oxfords are melting my heart though.

  3. these are soo cute!! The first pair is a great start since they are neutral in color!

  4. The second pair is just adorable. I love floral patterns and the design of those shoes is super cute. I also think the tan (4th) pair is pretty, but I probably rather look at them than actually wear them. The black sneaker-alike ones a cute too, reminds me a little of the Vans Lo-Pro shoes, but more glamorous.

  5. Hi Jay!!

    Thanks for the lovely comment!! :)

    You're a sweetheart and these picks are great!! i love the two styles with the tassels!!

    Take Care!!

    - Aimee

  6. Go with the second ones. Those are really cute and they look perfect for spring. I like the first ones too :) Probably super comfy.

    Also, I'm hosting a ModCloth Giveaway if you're interested :)

    Castle Fashion

  7. I just can't wait to actually wear shoes and not boots. Winter be gone already!;) The shoes are lovely.