Looking Good at the Oscars

I was surprised to barley get any 'wow' feelings looking at the Oscar's red carpet looks. Maybe the award season is becoming a drag, but that shouldn't stop these lovely celebs from wearing their best at one of the most important award shows of the seasons. Then again, it honestly doesn't matter what I (or anyone else) thinks because; a) we could never afford even a thread from their gowns and, b) they felt great! But as we know, the fashion world comes with criticism and reviews! Mila Kunis was again my number one look. Her dress was just a gorgeous and amazing choice!

Who do you think rocked the Oscar's?


  1. i just did a post on the oscars too. i love mila's and hilary's looks

  2. is mila kunis the girl in the first picture? she looks so familiar.. was she in that 70s show?? hale berry's dress is gorgeous, celine dion looks like she's stuck in the 90s..not a big fan. gwyneth paltrow looks great, though. hope i spelled her name right.. haha.

  3. Yup! She was Jacqui in That 70's Show and she was in Black Swan! I just like the white of Celine Dion's dress and as far as I know, you spelled it right. lol