Inspiration: 'I will be a hummingbird.'

In art class my teacher showed us a video for project inspiration. We were to use the idea of the animation for one of the many projects we're working on, but the story it told caught my attention as well as inspired many ideas. The animation is based on a story by Wangrai Maathai. Wangrai Maathai is the Greenbelt Movement founder and Nobel Peace Prize Winner (2004). The Greenbelt Movement is an environmentally and non-government program aimed at planting trees, saving the environment and women's rights. This story isn't about race or gender- just human beings period. I loved the story of the humming bird and decided to share it to spread some inspiration. (:

I think that anyone can relate to the small hummingbird. Like Ms. Maathai said we all feel small and insignificant, but it only takes one person doing the best they can to change the outcome of anything. Ms. Maathai was once considered the humming bird as an African woman protesting environmentally and politically, raising a family and earning an education (B.S. Biology, M.S. Biological Science, Ph.D. Veterinary Anatomy), but she did the best she could, and beyond, and had done so much for the environment and women.

I'm glad my art teacher showed me this video. It has become one of my favorite stories. I love the way she tells it too. It's very inspirational and empowering. I hope you feel the same inspiration that I felt and you be your own humming bird.

Have an amazing day! ♥

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