Sperry Topsiders

Since I saw a pair of Sperry's last year I wanted them. They go with my color palette (neutral colors) and they're so comfy. I think I got them because; a) they were cute and b) i needed a comfy and cute pair of shoes to wear at work (Old Navy). I wore them through the winter occasionally too. I think they're perfect for Spring especially since water doesn't easily soak through them and get your feet wet. I won't say they're waterproof, but they're boat shoes. They also give a preppy look to an outfit and can go perfect with a pair of carpi's or cropped pants. I have  a pair in chocolate brown too and I love them. I also love a guy in a pair of Sperry's: so cute! What do you think of Sperry's?

Also, I'm going to start featuring fashionistas once a week! I'm excited about that so just contact me to get the questions! (:




  1. I have a pair of chocolate Sperry's too. I always wear them in the rain since I don't have rain boots. I love when my boyfriend wears his:)

  2. i just bought the pink springy ones, and i love them!! they're so cute and go with everything

  3. Oh, pink ones sound adorable! I think I want another pair now! (: