Shopless Month Challange

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I admit, I have been shopping a tad bit recently as I prepare for the Spring and Summer that feel a million years away. Some times I am an emotional shopper and other times I just see stuff I have to have. My closets (yes closets for school and home) are pilling up with clothes! So, I'm going to personally challenge myself to not shop for anything other than food and school related things. Do you need to do a shopless month challange too?




  1. I've tried before and it always fails. What does that say? It is hard especially when you are already out and see something you love.

    All the best. Angel

  2. I managed Frugal February without shopping, but I agree with Summer coming up there are some bits and pieces I need to buy xoxo

  3. I always fail and sometimes I'm find and I just don't shop as much, but with a new season coming up I grab tons of things! I want to even buy stuff now a little!

  4. I should really do this too haha best of luck to you!!!

  5. Wow - Congrats! This is huge. Please update us on how it goes.