Blogger Feature: Meet Kathleen! (:

Hey lovlies. Meet Kathleen and her cute glammed up style! Plus she's got an awesome DIY braclet project on her blog! (:

♥ Name: Kathleen

♥ Age:

♥ Location: Canada

♥ Website:

♥ What do you blog about?
I blog about everything fashion and also feature my personal style through outfits. I LOVE jewelry & find A LOT of accessories are also featured on my blog. Music, art & culture are my inspirations so they are definitely included as well.

♥ What inspired you to start blogging?
My love and passion for fashion! I just had to much I wanted to share and a fashion blog was a great creative outlet to do so.

♥ Favorite part about blogging?
Besides sharing my personal style & fashion discoveries with everyone, I like being inspired by others' style.

♥ Describe your style in four words.
edgy, classic, comfortable, chic

♥ Favorite thing in your closet?
my cross necklace I made

♥ Must have item of the moment?
This is a tough one since there are so many...

♥  Your favorite blog to read?
Again, so many!

♥ Favorite place to shop?
Topshop or vintage shops

♥ Other hobbies?
I'm also into health & fitness, love music/concerts & traveling for sure!

Check out Kathleen's super cute blog!

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  1. Love the white bag!

  2. Michelle of ChellbellzApril 25, 2011 at 8:16 PM

    Love her style! Great job!

  3. Oh,topshop is my favourite shop too

  4. I love her blog! great feature!