Vintage a.k.a Treasure

photo credit: me

Recently I've been obsessed (a little too much) with vintage. I've always loved it, but it's a bit crazy now. Usually I go to a lovely vintage shop to fill my fix, but I'm too far away from it to go while I'm at school. So I decided to give eBay a try. Of course there are always concerns about eBay and getting ripped off which actually made me hold back for a while. A couple of weeks ago, I bit the bullet and bought a vintage menswear Lactose cardigan for about $15 (w/ shipping). I was really happy with my purchase and went back!

I was really impressed with the vintage shops on eBay so I decided to share them with you! These stores have some pretty decent starting prices. These are stores that I've actually bought from or bid from.

The Family Vintage

Twitch Vintage

The Kissing Tree Vintage Apparel

Vantage Point Vintage



There's always hesitation about buying vintage online because it's used and you can't see the quality first hand and you're concerned about the fit! A really good seller will tell you all the imperfections and take nice clear pictures that are well lit. They will also tell you the size and how it fits according to them. Of course the best ones are those with models with the clothing on and the models size. I always find it helpful. Also remember that even some vintage clothing bought from a store needs to be altered. I say, take a chance if you dare! I never pay more than $20 on an item. I'm eager to see the other things I've purchased too.

Sometimes I think that vintage is the best place to go for old trends that are reoccurring. Maxi skirts for example. Vintage stores have millions that were thrown their way when they went out of style, and now as a Spring/Summer 2011 trend, you can find them easily for cheaper. Oversized sweater and unique blouses can also be found. Plus going shopping for vintage clothing is way more fun. You find things that no one else has and items for easy DIY projects with items or clothes!

Seeing all these eBay stores inspires me to want to open a retail store even more. Yes, that is one life goal I have. Vintage or new clothing you ask? I'm not too sure just yet. (:

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Do you like vintage? And where's your favorite place to shop for vintage?


  1. some vintage i adoreee, brick lane has to be my favourite place to get good bargains, especially on market day! xx

  2. goodwill is a great place for vintage even though most of it is from the late '90 to now. they're always some good finds, i went today! i need to do some vintage shopping in europe!