Lovely Links & Photos

♥ There's always those things you absolutely need before leaving the house right? Well, did you ever think about the non-material things you need? Nish didn't and she just reminds us of 5 very important things.

♥ Feel like the only stressed out college freshmen or student? Studies show that college freshmen are more stressed out than ever before! Don't worry, you're not the only one. But why?

♥ Celebs always have look alikes, but what about other celebrities? They're not related and probably haven't even met, but the resemblance is definitely there. Check out some rather creepy celebrities who look alike!

P.S.- I Made This has some awesome DIY projects, but I can't wait to do this two toned denim top project inspired by Chloe's Spring 2010 look. I'm not too crazy about the pants, but the top is lovely!

♥ Congrats to Lori P, the winner of my Wet n' Wild makeup giveaway! Please makesure you contact me to collect your prize!

♥ I also wanted to share some of my favorite pics that I've taken with my lovely Nikon D3000. If you need or want a new DSLR camera, I highly suggest it! You can see more on my Flickr.

Happy Sunday and enjoy the Superbowl!


  1. Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley really do look alike in those pics. I thought it was the same person.

  2. I know! I never noticed it until Yahoo pointed it out!

  3. Love this post & Love your blog =).