Grammy's Best and Bizarre Looks

The Best

Another award show to mark on the award show season and some more opportunities for celebrities to show us what they've got. There were a lot of well dressed ladies at the Grammy's (surprisingly), but I choose the ladies who made me go, "wow!"

Jennifer Lopez                                                                     Paz Vega


Keri Hilson                                                                  Jennifer Hudson


Rihanna                                                             Florence Welch


Katy Perry


And the WTF's

I had to include these two because I was literally like WTF when I saw them. Lady Gaga arrived in a egg and donned horns on her shoulders, cheeks and forehead. The face covering hat was the least surprising thing. I usually love Gaga's style, but an egg and horns? Nicki Minaj sported a Givenchy design that should have stayed on the runway. She needs to hook herself up with Katy Perry and Rihanna for off the runway looks.

Lady Gaga


Nicki Minaj

Photo Credits: Google


What did you think of the Grammy's red carpet looks?



  1. i just did a post on this today too, but i thought the fashion this year wasn't that great.

  2. LOL..yes they are WTF looks...loved your Grammy best pics!! :-)!!

  3. hahaha the Lady Gaga thing made me think WTF, exactly. lol lovee this post!

  4. love Florence Welch's dress. Rihanna looks nekid!

    Helen, X

  5. She does, but for some reason I love it on her!

  6. This is a pretty good summation of the outfits from the grammy's! I think Lady Gaga was trying too hard to be different. Florence Welch truly stole the show!

  7. Thanks and I totally agree! (: