Blogger Feature: Meet Kaylin (:

♥ Name: Kaylin

♥ Age: 22

♥ Location: United States

♥ Website:

♥ What do you blog about?
I blog about my personal style, fashion, beauty, shopping...anything related to fashion.

♥ What inspired you to start blogging?
I've always loved fashion and was inspired by other fashion bloggers to start my own blog. My style is evolving and I love keeping track of the progression on my blog.

♥ Favorite part about blogging? Blogging itself, I love sharing what I love. It's also really cool to see other people follow my blog, it makes me feel special that others enjoy the same things I do.

♥ Describe your style in four words.
At the moment it's...girly, casual, chic,classic

♥ Favorite thing in your closet?
All of my dresses! I'm so obsessed with dresses. I feel the absolute best whenever I'm in a dress.

♥ Must have item of the moment? Sand Tropez by Essie. I'm obsessed with this nail color, it's the best neutral color.

♥ Your favorite blog to read?
I love, love, love

♥ Favorite place to shop?
I love H&M and Forever 21.I also like thrift stores and consignment shops.

♥ Other hobbies?
Blogging is definitely my main hobby, but I love shopping. I'm a shopaholic:) I also like reading.

Visit this shopaholics lovely blog!

Excuse my lack of posting. School is finally over and the first few days of my summer have actually been crazy, but I have so much planned! Enjoy the feature and email me at if you want to be featured! (:

ciao, xox

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  1. Great interview! I really love reading her blog!

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