That Dress

While looking for a fabulous dress for my summer family reunion I came across these beautiful dresses. I have orange pumps that I wanted to wear but of course I'm willing to change that! I really want a different dress. I know after prom season I can get some good prices. All these dresses are from ASOS.

I've also been working on my portfolio website and my online vintage shop. Yes, I'm opening it! It's going to be on (: I hope I get more inventory soon and just see how it goes from there. Are you as excited as I am?

ciao, xoxo


  1. I love the first two. Absolutely gorgeous. Great finds but ASOS must stop taking all my money! :)

  2. Love.. love.. love the 3rd dress b/c of the orange in the middle + it is different as well as loving the "Baby doll" dress, which is the 5th one.


  3. You guys are opening up my options as to what dress I want! :P lol

  4. I vote for the first dress. I think you would look stunning in it AND the, though I have no clue what your pumps exactly look like.. I feel like they would go with it well.

  5. I love these! #1 and #5 are my favorites:)

  6. Love the first dress - and this layout! How'd you do it?! So impressed!