Rolling in the Deep

Excuse my lack of posting. My semester is finally over and my first few days of summer have acually been very eventful. It's all behind me now and I have so much planned for this summer; my online vintage shop, working on my portfolio and working period. Dosen't seem like a lot, but it is! The past few days have been beautiful too. The weather is just perfect! Anyways I loved this outfit. it was super comfy and weather permitted. I am falling in love with the straw hat too. Adorable.

Denim Shirt- H&M/ Dress- F21/ Shoes- Target/ Hat- Charlotte Russe

ciao, xox


  1. seriously beautiful beautiful stuff my dear. loving the looks and this blog, so glad to have stumbled across! xxx

  2. Thanks hun. Talk about my blog, yours is awesome! (: