Hello loves! So finally my portfolio website is up and running! I just want to pat myself on the back. My portfolio isn't the best, but it's developing fruitfully. It'll probably have more by the end of the summer as I book jobs and work with different business. People always ask me what exactly I want to do and I'll tell you. I want to work in the magazine industry, but preferably fashion. I want to mix my love of art and creativity with fashion and what better way to do that with what I know best? I would love to work in the art department of a magazine and layout pages and even ads for companies and designers. Please feel free to check it out!


  1. looks great, congrats! good luck with your future endeavors in the fashion world - I have similar ambitions to work for a fashion magazine as I'm currently a journalism major in Boston :)

  2. Thanks hun and same to you! (:

  3. Looks great! I know how much work a portfolio can be! Great job!