Hello 2011.

How was everyone's New Year?! Mine was pretty okay. Not long after 2011 began, I was ready to go to sleep. LOL But the BEST part of New Years was dressing up! I did some too much shopping and I kind of forgot New Years was coming up and I quickly put together a cute little outfit. I went to some thrift shops as well, but I'll save that for another post!

The first two outfit pics were taken when I finally got home with my Nikon P80 because my D3000 had died earlier. The last single one was taken with my D3000 before I left the house (please excuse my hair clips lol). I've also been considering getting a lookbook, but I may have to wait until my outfit pictures get better or I get more followers.


let's break it down:

Blazer- TJ Maxx

Top- Old Navy

Skirt- Wet Seal

Tights- H&M

Necklace- F21

I've been so preoccupied playing with my new Nikon D3000 (my Christmas gift to myself), doing some writing and tumblr and I know I haven't been updating as much as I usually do, but my Nikon is my new baby and my current obsession. So far it's a pretty amazing camera and my pictures come out better than I expected! I still love my Nikon Coolpix P80, buttttt my D3000 is a best!

Here are some pics from my Nikon D3000 of dinner on New Years Eve. The dinner came with 5 dishes and beef with crab cake was the main course. They also had a huge chocolate bar with a chocolate fountain and chocolate covered bacon! Be sure to check out more of my pics like these on my new flickr!

Photo credit: ME :)

What did you guys wear on New Years?!?


  1. Love it....I also gifted myself withthe Nikon D3000 a few months ago and it does take great pictures!

  2. cute outfit. i can't wait to get a nice camera like yours

  3. @Marsoline: thanks and my camera is being spoiled with filters and such!

    @I Cuore Fashion: thanks! i've dreamed about a dslr camera for years and just got it for myself! save up and spoil yourself! (:

  4. That food looks amazing and you look adorable!

  5. @Leia12- thanks and it was amazing!

  6. Love that outfit, I am obsessed with those type of skirts now! I have a ton from f21...anyways, great blog I found it on my Poll from ifb and I am now following u on bloglovin!


  7. I love the skirt! your blog is very good! : D