lovely links- jan 16, 2011

♥If you wear makeup, even if it's not daily, it's important to keep your make up clean and healthy and April Mae over at Black Studded Fashion tells us just how with THIS helpful post.

♥I thought these little illustrations of Paris vs New York Rachel posted on her blog, At First Blush, were adorable. I'd love to have these hanging on my walls (whenever I get an apartment, lol). Paris and NY are important and different little fashion planets that are well worth visiting.

♥I loved this post by Anjli on College Candy about being single. The post is a 'lesson' of the Single Girl's Society. This particular lesson says that Being Single Dosen't Mean Being On The Prowl 24/7. It can be sort of convincing, not to be on the prowl all the time. I mean one point I really liked was that time is 100% yours, meaning no putting time aside, doing things that bore you just to please someone else or even getting out of bed if you don't want to. Even though it's nice not being single, maybe it's nice being single too. You can also read the first six rules of the Single Girl's Society here.

♥I'm always reading posts, articles and photography websites on how to take better pictures or everything, even yourself! If you have a fashion blog, or you're the only model you have, these tips by Ciao Chessa on IFB are helpful. She has some amazing self portraits I was sure she used a photographer with, but all it took was a DSLR camera, a tripod and a wireless remote. Check it out HERE.

♥This week also won a shoe giveaway by Im Just Me! As soon I receive my lovely shoes I'll take some pics. You can see them here and visit her amazing blog. My win made me more excited to start my own giveaway that I've been planning. So stay tuned to both of our blogs for more giveaways!

♥Last week I shared a link about the new magazine Atomica which has been launched, so if you haven't already. Check it out here. It's pretty amazing and just reminds me that talent is everywhere! You can still contact and submit for future issues.

PS: In a previous post I was going to go back and get the Wet Seal jacket, but they uped the price. I'm not sure why they uped the price on a clearance item :/. I should have purchased it when I tried it on, but I barely wear jackets as it is. Enjoy these links!