The Murse

When we think of hand bags we typically think it's a women's accessory. In the past couple of years mens handbangs (aka murses) have become more popular in the United States. Designers such as Louis Vuitton and Prada have displayed their fashionable handbags on the runway. An article in Nylon magazine about designer Alex Toy creating unisex handbags sparked my interest in the mens accessory. Some people frown upon the idea, but as women we know how handy a lovely handbag can be... can't men have the same pleasures?

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Men's handbags can range from messenger bags to totes and are typically more structured than women's handbags. The only bags I've seen the male species carry are their Nike, Jansport and Northface backpacks on campus and a briefcase and suitcase/carry on in the airport. Celebes like Kanye West, Usher and Robert Downey Jr. have been spotted with their murses in random places. Murses are available for the artsy man, the athlete, the travel man and the business man.

Here are a few murses you can browse or purchase for a man you know who likes to accessorize. Or, get them for yourself!

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What's your take on murses?

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