lovely links<3

Some lovely links I saw this week to share with you all. Don't be afraid to check them out! Have a happy Sunday!

♥There's absoultley nothing wrong with eating, but try eating healthy for a month! composed meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and some snacks! It could definatley help you in attempting your new years resolution of eating healthy and getting fit. Plust it could possibly get you through school until spring break if you try it for a couple of months! The post is from March 2010, but don't let that stop you! Find it HERE.

♥When I read this blog post by Nish over at SheGotIshShoes, I fell in love with it (and her blog). The reason is most likely due to the fact that I personally can relate as letting loose when it comes to fashion is a goal of 2011.

♥I'm not sure if you've heard but Kelsa at Let's Be Threads is on the rise of starting a new online and print magazine, Atomica Magazine. The magazine is composed of work from all kinds of bloggers across the nation. I'm actaually really excited to see it June 15th! You can see about contributing to their magazine here and view it at!

Charlotte of College Fashion wrote a very interesting and inspirational article with 5 challanges to try in 2011. The challanges included wearing no jeans for a month and wearing only six items for a month. I previously read about a College Fashion writer who did the six items for a month challange. I think these are some real challanges that can probably teach you to appreciate the rest of your clothes a little more, lol. See all five of the challanges here.

Did you see any amazing blogs, videos or other we content? Feel free to share them with me!


  1. such a good format for a post, im going to go check out she's got ishshoes now :) also love your knit turban in the post below! did you buy the wet seal jacket in the end? its v nice xx

  2. Thanks! I'm planning on going back for it so hopefully it's still there! (:

  3. Thanks for sharing these wonderful links. Pretty much interested in the one making an online magazine. But will check them all out as well. :D

  4. cool ideas...thanks for the tips!!

  5. No problem. Enjoy them!<3