Work It Out

In high school I was a jock. I played field hockey, basketball and my favorite, softball. I loved playing sports and being active in high school. It was a great way to make friends and the perfect reason to eat whatever I want! Now, as a college student, it's completely different. I've gotten a little lazy and I haven't yet carried any of my jockiness into college. So, I've decided to challenge myself and start hitting up the gym on my own! So far, my commitment has been shaky due to weather (I've been snowed in most of the week), but I still desire to go to the gym to relive a lot of emotions and to tone up some.

While shopping for clothes I decided to share some nice workout shopping finds and share my challenge with you. I highly encourage everyone to workout at least once a week. It's actually a perfect natural way to fall asleep and makeup for that pizza you ate at 2:00 am. Plus in about 20 years, you'll be thankful!

Top, Headbands, Bottle, Shirt, Spandex, Jacket, Hat, Armband, Watch, Shoes, Bag, Grey Shorts, Black Shorts, Sports Bra, Pants

Workout Tips:

  • Don't be afraid to go alone! It's fun to bring a friend but don't let solitude stop you!
  • Eat before you workout! I suggest something small and healthy before you workout and save dinner for after with a nice relaxing shower!
  • Drink water! Don't wait until you're sweating, gasping for air and extremely thirsty. That's a sign your body needs water and you may be dehydrated.
  • Be safe! If you don't know how to use the equipment, ask! It's safer and less embarrassing & wear proper gear for the gym. Extremely loose clothing can lead to an accident.
  • Eat healthy! Eat healthy through the day, especially if you plan to workout. You workout better on a PB&J rather than donuts and a coke.
  • Don't be afraid to look cute! Don't be intimidated by the guys working out. They probably won't pay attention, so look cute for you! They're a bonus. (;
  • Don't restrict yourself! Do yoga, dancing classes, club sports or self defense classes. Anything that gives a good workout will do.
  • Have fun! Make a workout play-list! The more fun you'll have, the easier it'll be and the better your results will turn out.


    Do you have a workout plan? And how do you stay cute in the gym? Happy Sunday!


    1. great tips! im the same, at school i was on loads of teams and doing a lot of exercise but since then, everythings gone downhill! i bought alot of gear just last week to start jogging! i have to say a playlist totally swings it for me when im exercising, i have to be hyped up to keep going and music is the best way xx

    2. Glad I'm not alone, lol! Good luck!

    3. I played field hockey in high school too! And these are all great tips. Thanks!

    4. I miss field hockey! And thanks for the comment!