DIY: Tree Jewelry Holder

So, recenlty I made this tree jewlry holder because no matter what, I have nowhere to put my long necklaces and I was feeling creative. I decided to share this little DIY project that I did. This project took me all of 5 minutes to actually put together and cost me about $2.90 collectivley. It's a lot cheaper than buying a jewlry holder that are never big enough.

You'll need:

  • 1 glass vase (make sure it's clean!)
  • rocks/stones
  • tree branch (dried for 24hrs or more)
  • spray paint (optional)
  • green plant foam (optional)
  • clay (optional)


You can get the materials for you tree jewelry holder from a thrift store or dollar store and your back/front yard. For the optional items (that I didn't use) you may have to go to a craft store. I got my vase for 90 cents from a thrift store, the rocks for $1 in Dollar Tree and my front yard for the stick. Your branch should be pretty strong. If not, only use light jewelry or it will droop, drag and fall apart. Also make sure you pick a branch with room for all your jewelry including rings & bracelets.


  1. Dry out your branch for 24 hours or more. If you're a busy person, just go get your branch and let it sit in a safe place until you're ready. Note: You may use more than one branch too!
  2. You can spray paint your branch which would need 24 more hours to dry out. I didn't spray paint mine.
  3. Fill your vase carefully with the stones about 1/3.
  4. Position your branch in the center of the vase with one hand before adding more rocks with the other. The more rocks you fill up the vase with, the more stable the stick should get. Once you're at the top you can pick out small rocks to fill any open spaces.   Note: You can also buy fake foam or clay to stick your branch in and stabalize and anchor it more.
  5. After your vase is filled with rocks and your branch is stable, you're done!
  6. Add jewelry & Enjoy!


I love my jewelry holder and ended up making my mom one too with white rocks and left over rocks from the ones in the picture above. It really does come in handy because my necklaces are never tangled and everything is pretty grab-and-go. I always forget my accessories because I'm in a rush and they're always hidden. The only down side is that there's no where to put stud earrings. A small dish bowl is the only solution I have for the moment. I also have so many books so I decided to stack up some books and use it so that my extra long necklaces could dangle.

    I hope you enjoy this project! Feel free to contact me if I've left a step out or you need more help! What's your favorite DIY project?


    1. This is such a great idea! I'm definitely going to be doing this. (:

    2. I hope it turns out great!

    3. extremely creative and brilliant! i absolutely love this idea!!

    4. Be sure to try it! I wish I had one for my dorm!

    5. this is great! really love it! i have a diy blog also... stumbled on this at ifb!

      - aimee

    6. I'm deff going to check it out!